The Taratagine

The Tartagine is a natural area from Olmi capella wanders through the vast state forest of Tartagine-Melaja.
It is a magical place where the children of the villages come to bathe for generations.
Shady and lush, the forest with its larici and maritime pines offers sites where nature is welcoming and calm. Numerous “pozzi” allow for safe swimming. From Olmi-Cappella, there is no shortage of walks along the Tartagine river, crossing Genoese bridges and seeing the remains of mills. The golden eagle, the bearded vulture or the mouflon have also taken up residence here to the delight of sufficiently attentive and observant walkers.

Do not hesitate to stop in the inns and why not attend the theatrical performances, initiated by Robin RENUCCI.

The forest of Bonifato near Calvi - The Fango valley near Aliera

The forest of Bonifato near Calvi and the Fango valley near Aliera offer you the same pleasure!

CALVI and the Scandola Reserve

Calvi, the city of Christophe Collomb, is a historical treasure on the water. After your hazardous walk in the secret streets of the citadel, you can follow the traces of the monuments enthroned at the corners of the streets and finish by the marina which is a true invitation to the stroll and the sweetness of life. Floating palaces and modest boats lapping quietly on the waters of the port. The fishermen are busy in this early morning while you take your coffee. Calvi is also the beaches with immaculate sandbanks, haloed by pine trees, wet by crystalline waters and boat trips.

The Scandola reserve will also interest nature lovers, a place in a wild state, consisting of steep cliffs, deep coves and emerald sea. It is a volcanic complex that was formed 250 million years ago and has given rise to an amazing set of dizzying cliffs, lava flows and frozen rocks. Basaltic organs also emerge from the water and form a peninsula with a sea front full of caves and inaccessible peaks. It is therefore quite an art to sneak in, the reason to resort to the skill of an experienced captain to visit the place.

The red island and the desert of Agriates

This ancient fishermen’s village, nicknamed the “cité Paoline”, captivates by its sun-drenched summer atmosphere. It makes the heart of those who explore its incredible bay surmounted by orange islets with red porphyry. One stays there for its magnificent landscapes tinged with turquoise blue and sparkling green.  As you stroll through the streets, it reveals itself to be authentic and generous with its visitors. The stroll along the Marinella river, the covered market and the bowls always ends in the café des platanes around a drink. Sailing and diving courses for the pleasure of young and old.